Thomas Dotson

PhD Student at NC State University

Thomas Dotson is a 2nd year PhD student at NC State University. He got his B.S. & M.S. in Electrical Engineering from NC State University in 2015 & 2018, respectively. During his time at NC State, Thomas focused his study on power engineering, and has completed multiple Co-ops & internships in this field.

Thomas is currently focussing his PhD studies on Power Electronics & Gamifying education. He is keenly interested creating an energy-based curriculum for high schools using a novel video game concept.

Bring video games to the classroom

Hosted by Michaeal Briscoe, Orin Adcox,  Scott Martin, and Thomas Dotson

April 16TH, 2019
9:00am – 3:00pm

Objective: Share and learn how video games are used educationally. Find teachable moments in video games.

Summit Description: Great teaching is hands-on and fun! Join us for a summit on teaching with video games you already love. Hear about cutting-edge projects from ed tech leaders, learn from industry veterans, and workshop your own teaching and gaming ideas.

Summit Topics:

  1. Orientation to Simulators, Serious Games, and Serious Educational Games
  2. Discussing funding for ed tech and educational goals
  3. Discussion developing serious games
  4. Introducing games that teaches Social Emotional Learning
  5. Workshop: Measuring your games impact
  6. Workshop to find teachable moments in your favorite video games

Target audiences: Game developers looking to an educational component to their current or future projects. Educators and game enthusiasts interested in using video games to engage students in learning. Students will attend later in the day to demo products and learn about these opportunities.

Talk Description:

Smart Grid: Engaging High School students about the power grid with a novel 4X style strategy game.
I am developing a turn-based grand strategy game as part of an effort to move energy education into high schools. I believe that a 4X style, turn-based strategy game is the best way to teach students about the history, operations, engineering, environmental relationships, and policy of the power grid.

My project started about a year ago, when I hired a group of ECE senior design students. Together, we built an application for android using google’s Dart language, and their graphical package Flutter. We recently won a grant from the NSF for its educational value, and plan to deploy the game in high schools this semester.

Come hear my story, how I solved the challenged of bootstrapping my project, financing it, and how I plan to continue development and my ultimate goal. I hope to make a game that strategy gamers from all walks of life can enjoy, and tells a story about my field in a way that has never been done before.