Expanding Existing Universes

Rayna Anderson • ECGC 2017

Expanding Existing Universes – Rayna Anderson

Rayna Anderson
Senior Narrative Designer for Eidos Montreal

Rayna Anderson is a Senior Narrative Designer with a background in psychology who has spent a decade designing games for a variety of platforms and screen sizes. From mobile to AAA, she works on making storytelling more integral into games of every size. Currently at Eidos Montreal, most recently she worked on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Previously she has designed and written games for IPs such as CSI, CSI: Miami, and Grey’s Anatomy.

Expanding Existing Universes

Whether penning the next installment of an established franchise or adapting a licensed property, game writer face unique challenges and opportunities when working in existing universes.
While some of the games we make are new creations, most writers spend a lot of time playing in other people’s sandboxes. These are the universes that fed our imaginations during our formative years — the books we devoured, the movies that looped endlessly, the coveted comic books we memorized — or the new pop culture trends bred for today’s media hungry consumers. Being handed the reins of storied franchise can be both intimidating and exhilarating; a dream job with sky-high expectations.
This session will discuss some of the ways that game writers can inject something new and fresh, remain true to the lore and characters that fans know and love, and maintain a positive and open dialogue with the IP holders.