Have Fun or Learn: Why Choose One?

Dr. Farhad Javidi • ECGC 2016

Have Fun or Learn: Why Choose One? – Dr. Farhad Javidi

Video game technology has entered the corporate world; it’s powering training and other tools that can help companies cut costs, meet the needs of today’s workers and achieve “green technology” goals. Despite its growing popularity, the use of game technologies in corporate settings faces some challenges. Companies may be put off by the idea of using “games” to conduct serious business and developers may struggle to create engaging games for non-gamers. In this session, participants will explore some of the challenges associated with developing serious games for the corporate world. Dr. Farhad Javidi, CEO of Simbryo Corporation, will share his experience creating serious games for the corporate world, including the development of a framework for making training games.

Dr. Farhad Javidi
CEO of Simbryo

Dr. Farhad Javidi is the founder and CEO of Simbryo Corporation, a North Carolina-based video game development company, which developed the successful Ferr2D and more than 200 video games. He is an executive board member of the International Game Developers Association, and a board member of the Union Symphony Society and the American Field Service, Charlotte, NC Chapter. Dr. Javidi is a professor and serves as chair of the Simulation and Game Development program at Central Piedmont Community College, the fourth largest community college in the United States, where he created the first state-approved associate degree program in simulation and game development in the nation. He has created 42 courses in game development.

Farhad’s teams have won the ImagineCup US Game Championship twice and were finalists in the World Finals competition. He studied a doctoral degree in Computer Science Engineering at the University of South Florida and recently completed a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He has served 4 years as a judge for Microsoft World ImagineCup. Farhad has made numerous contributions to Persian computing, including: creating the first methodology for writing right-to-left languages on World Wide Web browsers, designing a Dvorak Farsi keyboard, creating the Vazhehyab dictionary and creating the Aryanevis editor.