Sean Weiland

Co-owner of Risen Phoenix Studios

Sean is a producer with 10 years of games experience and 15 years working with live and digital sound design.

For the last 2 years he worked with The iThrive Games Foundation to run and expand their award winning game jam program, develop a therapeutic TTRPG, executive produce their forthcoming podcast “Beyond Gameplay”, and creating design mechanics to encourage positive mental health in teens. He is one of a few practical experts in designing games for positive mental health using informed game design and science backed research.

Sean co-owns the indie game studio, Risen Phoenix Studios. He produces podcasts and edit/mixes audio and voice over for his own projects and for others. He builds acoustic instruments in his free time and has been published as a bartender.

Talk Description:

Going Off On Your Own: The joys and perils of Indie Game Development
(Speaking with Jeremy Bregermann)

Come listen to Jeremy Bregermann of Luna Wolf Studios talk about his experiences as co-founder of an independent game development studio. If you’ve ever wanted to start a company, make a game, be a freelancer, or learn about the game industry, then now’s your chance! He will give you the inside scoop on the joys and perils of a startup in the indie game industry. You’ll hear about the good times and bad. The roadblocks we hit, and how we got around them. You’ll learn about building a portfolio, growing a network, and finding clients. My goal is to have you leaving with countless amounts of knowledge to jump-start your entrepreneurial spirit!