Tom Gross

Tom Gross - Treasurer, TGI

Tom previously was the CEO of CDV Software Entertainment USA, Vice President of Sales for Atari, VP Sales Infogrammes, and VP Sales and Distribution for GT Interactive Software. He now consults to the video game industry ….

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Troy Knight

Troy Knight - Co-Founder and Co-Chair, TGI

Troy has 20 years of experience in the gaming, learning and design industries and is an entrepreneur at heart. He has worked as an animator, lead application engineer, head of project management, and director of global production. His experience began in the …

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Walter Rotenberry

Walter Rotenberry - Co-Founder and Co-Chair, TGI

Long time facilitator and innovator, Walter began making video games with his Commodore 64 back in the early 1980’s. After one of his programming students wanted to know why he would have to go all the way to Florida to learn how to make video games …

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Cindy Foster

Cindy Foster - Secretary, TGI

Cindy Foster is the director of the Simulation and Game Development program at Wake Technical Community College. With her team of industry experienced professionals, she leads the robust degree program that feeds many of the Triangle area …

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