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Yiyi Zhang - 2023 ECGC speaker
PR + Community Manager, Heart Machine

Yiyi is a community organizer, artist, and human rights lawyer based in Brooklyn, NY. As a queer, immigrant, woman of color in this industry, she feels a strong sense of duty to advocate for the development of diverse and supportive communities around games.

She is the PR + Community Manager at Heart Machine, an LA-based game studio best known for Hyper Light Drifter and Solar Ash. She is on the Board of Directors of both GUMBO Collective Inc. (NYC’s largest collective of indie game developers) and Death By Audio Arcade (a non-profit building indie arcade cabinets). She is also an advisor on the NYC Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment Digital Games Industry Council, and runs Women in Games NYC, a professional networking meetup group for women / femme people in the industry.

In her free time, she does graphic design for Qweerty Gamers (an LGBTQIA+ gamer non-profit), and moonlights as an attorney helping asylum seekers and refugees gain safety and status in the United States.

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