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Ted Prawat - 2022 ECGC speaker
Assistant Professor of Computer Game Design, George Mason University

Professor (Ted) Prawat has been involved in the serious games field for the last decade. Professor Prawat was drawn into the field of serious game design after completing an artist in residence and teaching position at a new experimental dual language immersion school located in Beijing, China. Professor Prawat became a Curriculum Specialist at Michigan State University, and during this period of time decided to pursue an understanding of the field of serious game design. One of the games Prof. Prawat is developing is a detailed 3D version of the Titanic. Students are guided through the experience and invited to raise STEM-related questions about aspects of the ship (e.g., How can steam move the ship forward at 28 mph?). A second serious games project that he is working on, called Cultural Mechanics, focuses on introducing “fun facts” about contemporary cultural heroes in China that will help students in the U.S. understand why they are so popular.

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