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Suzanne Peterson-Warr - 2022 ECGC speaker
Author and Game Designer

Suzanne Warr grew up in an alternate universe from the one we all live in every day. When she stepped into a classroom for the very first time as a sophomore in high school, she found the strange customs of her fellow teens to be baffling beyond belief. Taking her queue from her favorite comic book heroes, she worked to master the oddities of school each day while living whatever alternate life she chose each night through the portal of books and games. Now she’s a published author with books of her own, and has recently taken up game design. Details on her current projects can be found on her website Her award-winning short fiction has been included in best of anthologies and consistently short-listed with the Writers of the Future contest. She worked at Red Adept Publishing for three years as a developmental editor, and her Lily Black books, published by RAP, can be found on Amazon and anywhere fine books are sold.

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