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Rachel Presser - 2023 ECGC speaker
Principal, Sonic Toad Media LLC

Rachel Presser is a game developer, writer, consultant, business educator, and speaker from The Bronx, now headquartered in Los Angeles. Former CFO and Executive Producer of Himalaya Studios, Rachel runs Sonic Toad Media and Consulting which is dedicated to helping people understand the business of games, and empowering indie developers, writers, artists, and other creative professionals transform their careers. She also does B2B consulting and project management for organizations interested in working with game developers or the industry as a whole.

Rachel can be found at hardcore shows, amphibian sanctuaries, and walking her giant lizard down Beverly Boulevard. Her work can also be found on Gamasutra, MSN, and Reptiles Magazine. She is currently working on a visual novel, It's Different When It's Your Own, and amphibian-centric TOADLANDIA.

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