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Laura Deutsch - 2021 ECGC speaker
COO & Co-Founder, the*gameHERs

Laura, a serial entrepreneur, co-founded the*gameHERs in response to the need for an outlet for female gamers to congregate and socialize, share war stories, define their needs, and give and get support. She first understood the value of uniting women when she, herself, needed to connect with new mothers living in NYC. Back in 2006, Laura rented a space, hired a speaker, handed out postcards to passers, and her company, Babybites, was born. The venture grew exponentially with local and national media coverage on The Today Show, Dr. Oz, CNN and WSJ, as well as the growing popularity of connecting over the internet. The babies grew along with the community’s needs, and Babybites morphed into Mommybites, one of the largest social and educational web-based communities for moms in the US. Mommybites has since been acquired by a renowned media enterprise in NYC.

Prior to having children, Laura was a middle and high school math teacher at The Dwight School in Manhattan.Laura graduated with a BA in Psychology from Binghamton University and an MA in Early Childhood Education from Hunter College.

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