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Jesse Scoble - 2023 ECGC speaker
Chief Narrative Designer,
Lightspeed (Tencent)

Jesse Scoble is a Chief Narrative Designer at Tencent for Lightspeed Studios, and has been working in video games for 15 years, and games overall for more than 20 years. Previously, he was lead writer on Hyper Scape for Ubisoft Montreal, and over 5 years there contributed to Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Far Cry 5, AC Origins, and Watch Dogs 2. Before Ubisoft, he was lead writer on Wizard101 for several years (from Zafaria to Khrysalis), and has worked on games from Armored Warfare to Webkinz, in addition to a number of years in the pen&paper rpg industry. He recently finished a draft of his first novel and is learning how to query agents. He makes a mean mojito.

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