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Jeff Rodgers - 2023 ECGC speaker
Game Design Teacher, Atkins High School

Jeff Rodgers has never been known to sit idle. Professionally, he has worked in marketing and team development for over 20 years, managing and consulting with multi-million dollar companies to build successful brands and engaged teams. As a game designer, he started cutting rooms for MUSHes in '92. Before Meta was a thing, he was building profitable community servers in Second Life. Somewhere along the way, he realized that he could combine his skills to help students learn. Today, he teaches game theory, player psychology, and level design to high school students at Atkins Academic & Technology High School and coaches award-winning teams in Games for Change.
He also has a fondness for adventure, including experience as a zombie, pirate, renaissance actor, and two years as a dedicated traveler. He received his B.A. in IT Management from Western Governors University and his M.A. in Technology Education at North Carolina A&T.

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