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Jason McGuigan - 2023 ECGC speaker
Head of Virtual Reality, Lenovo

Jason McGuigan is the Head of Virtual Reality at Lenovo where he is responsible for the business strategy of VR including solutions, hardware, software, and partnerships. His focus is on driving enterprises to scale adoption of VR in training, collaboration, and the enterprise metaverse. For over 20 years, Jason has designed, directed, and produced award-winning VR experiences and other media for clients including Lenovo, National Geographic, IBM, The Home Depot, BASF, Disney, and many others. A strong passion for gaming and technology drove him to build his first PC over 30 years ago and he has continued to grow this technical knowledge over the decades. This gave him the ability to create unique hardware solutions in the early days of VR for companies such as Gulfstream and General Motors. Jason is a regular speaker, thought leader, and advocate in the VR/AR space and has presented at industry conferences across the globe as well as unique venues like Skywalker Ranch and NASA.

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