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Ian Russell - 2023 ECGC speaker
Videogame Actor/Casting, The British Voice LLC

Over the last 9 years, Ian has gone from complete unknown to established, award-winning, Voice Actor. Including Best Gaming performance at One Voice 2021. He has been featured in well over 100 games creating memorable characters such as Locke (Payday2), Psyker (WH40k Inquisitor Martyr), Igor (Chernobylite), Mentor (Road Redemption) and many others. He features in Indie hits Return of the Obra Dinn (2 characters) and 2022's Excavation of Hobs Barrow (4 characters). He also provides help to developers with casting where appropriate. He has helped cast multiple talent for games Chernobylite, Payday2 and Burnhouse Street and some animation titles currently under NDA. He works from his studio in South Carolina.

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