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Hunter Nance - 2023 ECGC speaker
AR Unity Developer,

I am a Unity AR developer who works for Lenovo on the interface for their ThinkReality A3 glasses. I've been in this position for nearly 5 years, but in 2021 outside of work I also started working on a game project online with a small team.

In October of 2022, we completed and released the project--Atama. Atama is an indie stealth, horror puzzle game where you use the "second person" perspective of looking through the eyes of monsters to help avoid them and figure out how to progress. The game was self-published and made for an extremely low budget ($1650) with a small team of people who all had full-time jobs and things going on in their lives.

Additionally, I graduated from NC State with a degree in Computer Science with Game Design concentration in 2016, and have had a lifelong passion for games. I also have meager amount of fame from playing Magic the Gathering and Final Fantasy TCG in tournaments semi-professionally.

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