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Heather Albano - 2023 ECGC speaker
Senior Narrative Designer, Volition

Heather Albano likes telling stories. In her 13 years in the industry, she has created interactive novels with Choice of Games, interactive radio dramas with EarPlay, pen-and-paper tabletop games with Pelgrane Press, the Nebula-nominated procedural RPG _Wildermyth_ with WorldWalker Games, the 2022 _Saints Row_ reboot with Volition, and a variety of live action roleplaying games and augmented reality experiences with a variety of partners. Show her a new technology and she will immediately begin figuring out how to tell a story with it. Her current passion project is _Moriarty_, a game of choice and strategy in which you play as the titular Professor, building an empire of crime while avoiding Sherlock Holmes' attempts to bring you to justice.

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