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Garrett Swanson - 2023 ECGC speaker
Co-Founder & CEO, World to Build

Garrett Swanson leads the World to Build team as an engineer and as the CEO. Swanson has been working with various game engines and creating quality games since before the age of 13 starting on Roblox and GameMaker. As an engineer with the Puny Human team, Swanson has further expanded his wide-ranging knowledge of engines, platforms, and languages including Unity, Unreal, Xbox, PS4, Quest, and Fullstack Engineering. He's led teams of people from just a few friends to 10+ developers in the pursuit of making amazing games. If you catch Swanson acting cool and collected around you, don't be fooled. He gets very nervous and his palms are sweatier than Eminem's. Wait can we cut that last part out?

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