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Dylan Ascencio - 2023 ECGC speaker
Junior Serious Games Programmer, Virtual Heroes

I grew up in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, and graduated from Sun Prairie High School in 2015. I attended the University of Wisconsin-Stout thereafter, majoring in Computer Science with a Concentration in Game Design. I interned at Thomson Reuter's Eagan, Minnesota campus for six months in the second half of 2018, and I graduated from UW-Stout in May 2020. In June of the same year, I joined an independent development studio called Gears for Breakfast as a contractor. Gears for Breakfast is best known for their platformer A Hat in Time, but my work was focused on an unannounced project. After two years, I left Gears for Breakfast in June of 2022 and joined Virtual Heroes, moving to Raleigh as a result. I am with Virtual Heroes to this day. I got into modding when I was around 16, with my first GitHub project dated to July 2014. Since then, I have documented and written tools for features such as collision data, 3D models, in-game cutscenes, map actor setups, and text data.

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