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David Klingler - 2021, 2022 ECGC speaker
Founder & President, Solanimus Games

Hi I'm David, and as you can see, I don't write about myself in third-person. I founded Solanimus in 2011, NonZeroSoul in 2019, co-founded Integrity Metric Systems in 2020, and co-founded MultiplayerLocal in 2021. I'm a believer, game developer, musician, gamer, and full-time friend, among others things. I started making games during a personal challenge I gave myself to make a game and learn all aspects of game development by doing it myself: graphics, music, gameplay, testing, and programming it in an engine of my own using a programming language to learn along the way. That game was my first: Cool-B in Search of Floyd, which was followed by Crashland, and then Signal to Noise, the first game driven by live music, among other smaller games along the way. My favorite game is still Earthworm Jim Special Edition, the first video game I played with my late brother, the very first person to encourage me in games (I got the world record speedrun on his birthday in 2021).

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