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David Klingler - 2021 ECGC speaker
Founder & President, Solanimus Games

Hi I'm David, and as you can see, I don't write about myself in third-person. I founded Solanimus in 2011, NonZeroSoul in 2019, and co-founded SMaRT Training Solutions in 2020. I'm a game developer, renowned musician, and competitive gamer.

I started during a personal challenge I gave myself to make a game and learn all aspects of game development by doing it myself: graphics, audio, gameplay, testing, and programming it in an engine of my own using a programming language to learn along the way. That game was my first: Cool-B in Search of Floyd, which was followed by Crashland, and then Signal to Noise, the realtime music-driven rail shooter, among other smaller games along the way.

My favorite game is still Earthworm Jim, the first video game I played with my late brother, the very first person to encourage me in games.

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