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David Klingler - 2023 ECGC speaker
Solanimus Games

Hi, I'm David and I don't write about myself in third-person. I'm a Believer, musician, game thinker, soul-searcher, and full-time friend. I founded Solanimus in 2011, founded NonZeroSoul in 2019, co-founded Integrity Metric Systems in 2020, co-founded Multi-playerLocal in 2021, and I'm the director of the Triangle Monthly Gaming Meetup which started in 2019. My favorite game is Earthworm Jim Special Edition, the first game I played with my late brother Mitchell. I hold a number of world records and tournament results in several different games. I play and write music; I've written several hundred pieces, primarily Scottish fiddle music, worship music, and electronic music. My intention is for games to develop into the greatest medium of personal expression of all time.

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