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Charlie Breakiron - 2021 ECGC speaker
Owner & Artist, BREAKIRON® Animation&Design, LLC

BREAKIRON has its roots in Charlie Breakiron’s extensive experience as a freelancer and an instructor serving the industry in Los Angeles, Dallas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, and Koblenz, Germany.

For a number of years, BREAKIRON operated through Charlie’s participation onsite at major animation studios. After locating in Raleigh, North Carolina, he began assembling a group of top-shelf talent to handle large, complex projects for BREAKIRON clients.

Charlie’s experience in the industry enables him to quickly recognize superior creative talent and team potential. Versatility, an enhanced skill set, speed and efficiency are just a few of the benefits.

Today, the BREAKIRON team’s flexibility and agility enable it to quickly adapt to needs as markets and audiences change. The company has successfully completed projects with teams of multiple members engaged at once. The team structure allows for expansion as needed.

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