William Mayfield

Producer, FricknFrack Games
Spent 25 years in higher education creating, designing and building academic, programs (inclusive of gamified curriculum) and online colleges. One day I realized there is a better way to do the things I love doing. Three years ago I started FricknFrack Games as an indie studio. We build learning games, apps and games just for fun for the various demographic groups we serve.


After a successful career in higher education I followed my passion to game development and started my studio, FricknFrack Games. I’m one of many new GameDevs challenging the norms of the gaming world. We are the 50+ group of GameDevs. We are the grey hairs every investor wants to see engaged in a start-up. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience including planning, marketing and creativity to the industry. On the way here we’ve been ignored, excluded and ostracized. One more thing, we bring money and we are looking for talent. Having money buys time for the 50+ Indie studio CEO to develop their artistic style and game genre.

I hope to bring the audience on a journey of my experience being a 50+ gameDev with national statistics and personal experiences to help illustrate the journey from a successful career to starting a game studio. It's a journey of discovery, learning, and trusting your gut.