Nick Compton

Lead Artist, Verity Integrated Systems

Nick Compton has 7 years of military experience and two degree's that ultimately helped drive him towards the Government sector of serious games and training. This is where he has spent the last 5 years helping to create award winning military training applications and conceptual renders for future systems. Prior to that, he worked 2 years on the commercial title 'Second Chance Heroes' while at Rocket City Studios. Lastly, Nick also co-started and runs After Hours : Game Developers, the largest game developer community in Alabama.


What if I told you there’s a path that you can take that you might not have thought about. A path that you may not have even heard of. A path where you still get to use your degree, get paid well and work on some pretty interesting applications. THAT PATH IS WITHIN SERIOUS GAMES! This talk will primary touch on the military applications of serious games and why it might be right for you.