Nicholas Allen

Co-founder, Cerulean Cat Studio, LLC

Nicholas Allen started his career working on the MMO, Fallen Earth, for the local company Icarus Studios. He has had an eclectic career path since then. He was frequently lured into working on mobile games, including a few Sid Meier licensed feature phone games for Oasys Mobile. The most widely known game he has worked on was probably Temple Run, having a substantial run at the company Imangi Studios. One of his personal favorite accomplishments, however, is starting the company Mighty Rabbit Studios with Josh Fairhurst in order to develop Saturday Morning RPG. Now Nicholas works on his own projects with his wife for a self owned company named Cerulean Cat Studio. Here he hopes to break from the conventions of the industry to develop games he's truly passionate about.


This talk will explore the why and how of creating a custom game engine, utilizing techniques from the past, for producing games on unconventional platforms. I will explain how I take advantage of freely available modern tools to develop on platforms unsupported by modern game engines. Inspired by classics, I will detail the software rendering techniques and simplistic game physics that define a specific look and feel to my games. I will also discuss how allowing for more portability, by relying on minimal dependencies for the engine, creates flexibility. This allows for deep customization within the workings of an engine, and consequently, the game.