Nathan Shumaker

Programmer, Solanimus Inc.

Nathan Shumaker has worked with Solanimus Inc. as a programmer for 5 years. He started as an intern in 2015 as it was required for graduation from Southern Wake Academy. Programming has been his dream job ever since he learned about game development. Since then he has also gained skills for his music career as a professional DJ by trade. He has worked with multiple companies including Solanimus Inc., Empowered Ideas, and Fuquay Coworking. Nathan now is in pursuit of his own venture in the music industry with his own label company, Forgotten Records.


This talk will go over design aspects that will assist in the creation of games for eduction. It will spur creative discussion on best practices for creating these games. We will discuss advantages of games in eduction and their uses. We will also discuss the uses of up and coming technology such as augmented reality and virtual reality. The design of these products will be the main focus of this talk.