Maxim Litvinov

Gameplay Engineer, Ubisoft - Red Storm Entertainment

Max Litvinov is a gameplay engineer. He has worked on a wide range of features, systems, and game mechanics on 2 shipped titles: Cookie Jam Blast on mobile and Starlink: Battle for Atlas on next generation consoles. Prior to professional game industry work Max was a Computer Science student at North Carolina State University and worked professionally in interactive media and serious games.

Max has been in the game industry for 3 years and is excited to share his experience breaking into the industry with developers and students at ECGC. He has previously spoken at ECGC and enjoys giving advice to younger professionals aspiring to get the job of their dreams. Max is currently a Gameplay Engineer for Red Storm Entertainment, a Ubisoft Studio and working on an unannounced AAA title. He can be found on LinkedIn at


The game industry is trending upward with more and more concurrent worldwide players and new studios forming every year. I know that many developers aspire to be a part of this upward trend by working on commercial video games or are just interested in learning about a developer’s experience with other game studios.

The session will cover my journey interviewing with and trying to get the attention of game studios as well as real-world resources and steps I used along the way to help me break into gaming. This session will include three case studies describing a real-world scenario where my resources and advice have been put to use.

The session is not centered around any specific discipline (engineering,art,design etc) and covers general topics related to all disciplines in game development.