Jyoti Bishnoi

CEO, Not A Bot Studio
Jyoti Bishnoi is a new mom who started Not a Bot Studio to make learning games for kids using AR. Her mission is to bridge the gap between "learning" and "games" using technology. She has presented previously at Augmented World Expo 2018, AWE Nite SF June 2018, TechCrunch Disrupt Berlin 2017, and local meetups. With her team at Not a Bot Studio, she released littleDots, a balloon-popping AR game to help kids learn counting, and their next game aims to teach kids Physics concepts in AR. She is usually found busy and at work at the confluence of AI, Mixed Reality, and Games.


Somehow everybody only seems to be talking about the possibilities of AR, instead of the constraints and what those constraints mean for your game. One of the biggest constraints that we came across as we launched AR game titles to public and beta users, was that it's really hard to use touch on the screen as a Control when you're using the same screen as your View.

This made us go back to the drawing board and completely rethink how to do controllers in Augmented Reality, and prototype a string of crazy demos to explore this space. This talk covers all of those outlandish demos, all the thinking that went behind them, all the gotchas we came across, and finally where we think that sweet spot between possibilities and constraints is for game controllers in Augmented Reality.

Here's a sample of the non-touch game controls we will cover:
 * World position as triggers for actions in the game
 * Face tilt to control your racing car or flying airplane
 * Face expressions to fire and blast enemies, or gobble up objects
 * Hand pinch gesture to pick up and drop things in the scene
 * Hand gestures to navigate game menu
 * Hand and face combination gestures!