Jonathan Munoz

Business Development Manager, Genvid Technologies

Jonathan Munoz is a Business Development Manager/Evangelist for Genvid Technologies by day and a hobbyist indie game dev by night. Previously a part of Riot Games’ Esports and R&D efforts, he helped launch their first arcade mobile title (Blitzcrank’s Poro Roundup) and first board game (MechsVsMinions) before working on some other cool stuff at thatgamecompany.

Now he spends his time sharing the emerging potential of interactive streaming and why everyone should be excited about it on Twitter @Bombadiliest.


From deciding the fate of gladiators in the Colosseum to picking what monster will fight next in Twitch Plays Pokemon, audiences have always cherished the ability to have a direct impact on what they’re watching. With the advent of streaming we’ve removed the requirement of being physically present to be an audience member and have created virtual stadiums hosting thousands to spectate whatever they wish from the comfort of their couches.

We’ve also seen the number of hours spent watching games begin to rival the hours spent on actually playing those games. This means there is a strong possibility the amount of people that will play our games may be vastly outnumbered by those that will only ever watch them.

It therefore is imperative for us to examine the history, evolution, and future of viewer participation to better understand how people want to spectate our games and equip ourselves to create interactive viewing experiences that effectively engage our audiences.

Talk attendees will learn about:
 - Historic to current day examples of viewer participation in entertainment
 - Why giving spectators a say matters
 - Current state of interactive streaming across all media
 - How game designers will lead a new wave of creation for interactive viewing experiences