Joe Fielder

Game Writer & Narrative Designer, Freelance

Joe Fielder is a writer and narrative designer with over fifteen years of experience at studios such as Irrational Games and Electronic Arts. He has written for such games as BioShock Infinite, BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Star Wars Battlefront II, The Flame in the Flood, ZED, Arkane Lyon's upcoming Deathloop, and more.

In addition to writing for games, he works as a narrative designer in the burgeoning field of interactive television and film. He wrote the BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt prequel novella with Irrational Games' creative director Ken Levine. Before moving into game development, Joe was the site director of GameSpot.


Since the release of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch last year, the medium of interactive television and film has been quietly growing, hiring narrative designers from the games industry to help develop the next phase of interactive narrative for a wide audience.

This presents unique opportunities for narrative designers, who can teach film and TV creators how to step beyond the “Choose Your Own Adventure” level of branching narrative complexity. Narrative designers can draw upon decades of lessons from games for presenting clear, meaninging choices and utilize game design elements of strategy and balance to allow viewers to feel like players.

This talk will illustrate exactly how this can be done, stepping through the challenges and opportunities in interactive narrative for television and film. Then, with input from the audience, I will create a narrative design plan for a sample interactive television series to contain light game elements, so it can be played like a simple board game across its season.