Dr. J. Timothy Balint

Assistant Professor, Stonehill College

Dr. J. Timothy Balint is an Assistant Professor at Stonehill College, where he is developing the curriculum for their new major in Data Science. He was previously a Post-doctoral Researcher at the Technical University of Delft in the Netherlands. Dr. Balint received his Doctorate and Master’s degrees at George Mason University where he developed techniques to procedurally generate 3D worlds from stories. He has over 20 publications on a variety of topics including Non Player Character intelligence, procedural generation, and serious game design.

Dr. Balint has also given a number of talks on Non-Player Characters and Virtual Environments, including one on attaching meaning (semantics) to both character actions and the world they interact with at East Coast Gaming Conference 2017.


Procedural content generation is a broad and varied topic, including areas such as 3D mesh generation, game mechanics, and narrative arc generation. However, most work on procedural generation has focused on designing game levels.

This talk will take you into the world of level generation, from 1-D games such as Super Mario Bros. to autonomously and semi-autonomously building full 3-D environments containing objects for virtual and player characters to interact with. You will learn about the role a game designer plays in generation, common representations for environments before they are generated, as well as some machine learning techniques to generate interactive worlds.