Heather Albano

Writer/Storyteller, Freelance

Heather Albano likes telling stories. In her 10 years in the industry, she has written interactive novels for Choice of Games, interactive radio dramas for EarPlay, interactive comic strips for Worldwalker Studios, and interactive television shows for Eko. She is currently working on interactive augmented reality experiences for the Rochester Institute of Technology. Introduce her to a new technology, and she will immediately begin evaluating its storytelling potential; it's kind of a reflex at this point. She has presented on these experiences at GDC, ECGC, the Boston Festival of Indie Games, and MIT and RIT game design classes.


* Pre-Conference Summit, (requires separate registration)

Leaders: Toiya Kristen Finley, Heather Albano, Eddy Webb

Ever been excited to apply for a game writing/narrative design job, but you had absolutely no idea what portfolio samples to send? Have you taken a writing test, only to never receive feedback, so you don’t know how to improve or be ready for the next test?

This year’s Game Narrative Tutorial is all about two things that frustrate even veteran writers: portfolios and writing tests! We’ll look at how to demystify job descriptions, what types of samples you should include in a portfolio, and what employers/clients are looking for in tests and portfolios.