Ethan Levy

Executive Producer, N3TWORK

Ethan Levy is a 17 year veteran game designer and producer who has contributed to over 70 shipped games across every genre and platform. He has worked at companies including EA, BioWare, Pandemic and N3TWORK. In 2012, Levy founded game monetization consultancy FamousAspect to focus on free-to-play game design. In 3 years, FamousAspect worked with 50 clients including Activision, 2K and Deep Silver on hits for console, PC and mobile.

In 2015, Levy joined N3TWORK where he was Lead Designer on the hit mobile game Legendary: Game of Heroes, which has generated over $250 million in revenue to date. He is currently the Executive Producer of the Tetris brand for N3TWORK.


In the spring of 2018, the Tetris team at N3TWORK started work on Tetris Primetime, a wildly ambitious, nightly Tetris game show where thousands of players compete for cash prizes and Tetris glory. In this talk, I will share the many lessons I’ve learned about building a global, cash prizes esport for mobile phones as well as insights from the first few months of running Primetime in soft launch.

Topics include:
 - Tetris Royale overview
 - Tetris Primetime goals
 - Games of skill vs games of chance
 - Country and state considerations
 - Platform holder rules on cash prizes
 - Monetization challenges for cash prize games
 - Fraud prevention
 - Prize distribution
 - Player fame
 - Tetris Primetime soft launch findings