Enrique Pacheco San Martin

Senior - Digital Media, East Tennessee State University

Currently a senior in the Digital Media Department at ETSU, Enrique's worked in projects in both AR and VR within Epic's Unreal Engine. With previous experience in the engineering and medical fields, as well as freelance artist work, he's shown mastery in scripting, coding, and visual design. Enrique's set to graduate by 2021, with a Bachelors in Science in Game Design.


Presenters: Marty Henly, Enrique Pacheco San Martin, Todd Emma

Tennessee State University’s department of Digital Media worked with the Gray Fossil Site, Dr. Chris Widga, and a small group of upper division Digital Media students to establish a AR experience at the Gray Fossil Site and Museum.

The service project implemented the latest AR and photogrammetry techniques inside of the Unreal Engine using the ARCore plug-in. The project highlights the exciting work being done in Digital Media at ETSU and Gray Fossil Site.

In this presentation we discuss a brief history of the Gray Fossil Site and how this project came to be. We will discuss the concept and implementation of the AR experience for the Gray Fossil site. Issues addresses will be concept of project, using ARcore with Unreal Engine, limitations of the pipeline and solutions to problems related to the creation of the project.