Elsa Sjunneson

Disability Consultant and Freelance Author
Hugo and Aurora award winning author Elsa Sjunneson is a deaf-blind hurricane in a vintage dress. She has written for tabletop roleplaying games, been a sensitivity editor for video games, and written extensively on the topic of disability representation across all forms of media. Her debut non-fiction memoir ALONE IN THE LIGHT comes out in 2021 from Tiller Press, and covers blindness representation in popular media. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and travels the world with a labrador at her side.


Papa Sangre, Beyond Eyes and Perception all have one thing in common: they are video games which use a a sighted medium to explore blindness. But when blindness is on a sliding scale that ultimately isn't represented by solely no light perception experiences, how can video games better represent blindness (and other forms of disability) without misrepresenting the disabilities they seek to explore?

Deaf-blind author Elsa Sjunneson will talk writers from all forms of narrative design through the process of developing a narrative experience that suits disability - and how to watch out for the nasty pitfalls of writing ableism into your story. How can able bodied storytellers best serve both disabled and able bodied audiences in telling disabled stories? This talk will explore the process in detail.