Elize Morgan

Senior Writer, WB Games Montreal

Elize Morgan is a writer of TV, games, and digital series. Elize has worked on animation titles like MYSTICONS, OLLIE: THE BOY WHO BECAME WHAT HE ATE!, and BAGEL & BECKY. She was a writer on ASSASSIN'S CREED: ORIGINS. Elize also created and produced two digital comedy series: PRETTY IN GEEK and THE GATE. Elize wrote for the CSA-winning convergent project Grojband: The Show Must Go On and was nominated for a WGC Award for her Mysticons script “Heart of Gold." Elize has an MA in Popular Culture and is a graduate of the CFC’s Prime Time Television Writing Program.


With experience in both television and games, Elize will run through the story room process and how it can be applied to games. Looking at how television process works to create or "break" story in a room with multiple writers, create compelling characters, and solve problems with all writers on board. Using processes that can work specifically in games, Elize will discuss how the story breaking process looks, and how it can be adapted. Elize will also describe how quick summits can be built at various points in the development process to stress test the overall story.