Eddy Webb

Owner, Pugsteady

Eddy Webb (with a “y,” thank you) is a writer, design consultant, and game and narrative designer for video games and RPGs. He’s worked on over 150 books and games during his career. He has created unique game universes, such as the Realms of Pugmire. He’s also worked on established properties like The Walking Dead, Mr. Robot, Futurama, Firefly, Red Dwarf, the WWE, and Sherlock Holmes. He’s even won a few awards over the past decade or so. In his spare time, he advocates for more inclusion of people with hearing loss. He can be found at pugsteady.com.


Tabletop role-playing games have been around long before video games, but there's still a lot that can be learned. Tabletop games have been evolving and growing right along with video games, and there's still a lot to be learned from what they do right, and what they get wrong. Eddy Webb has worked for nearly two decades in both fields, and he'll share some of the narrative design insights he's learned from designing and playing TTRPGs.

* Pre-Conference Summit, (requires separate registration)

Leaders: Toiya Kristen Finley, Heather Albano, Eddy Webb

Ever been excited to apply for a game writing/narrative design job, but you had absolutely no idea what portfolio samples to send? Have you taken a writing test, only to never receive feedback, so you don’t know how to improve or be ready for the next test?

This year’s Game Narrative Tutorial is all about two things that frustrate even veteran writers: portfolios and writing tests! We’ll look at how to demystify job descriptions, what types of samples you should include in a portfolio, and what employers/clients are looking for in tests and portfolios.