Dr. Farhad Javidi

Founder | CEO, Simbryo Corporation

Dr. Javidi is the founder/CEO of Simbryo Corporation, a North Carolina-based game development company, where he has developed and published over 200 video games. He serves as professor/chair of the Simulation and Game Development program at Central Piedmont Community College, the fourth largest community college in the US, where he created the first state-approved associate degree program in Simulation and Game Development in the nation.

Dr. Javidi’s teams have won the ImagineCup US Game Championship twice and were finalists at the World Finals. Dr. Javidi is a poet, an author, a nationally-recognized conference speaker, a judge for the Smithsonian Museum Arcade, a judge for Microsoft’s ImagineCup World competition in the areas of Game and Mobile App Development. He served on the executive board of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) for 3 years and currently serves as the chair of IGDA Charlotte.


* Pre-Conference Summit, (requires separate registration)

Leaders: Nick Klingensmith, Dr. Farhad Javidi, Evy Kollstrand

Mixed Reality is a huge new opportunity for budding developers, as an industry expected to reach nearly $600 billion within the next five years. This summit will focus on Mixed Reality technologies to help indie developers build a solid foundation for entering this rapidly growing market. Participants will be introduced to StereoKit, an open source, cross-platform Mixed Reality library for C#, based on OpenXR. It is optimized for mobile MR hardware, and is designed to be easy to learn, yet provide a production ready environment for developers to build real software with.

StereoKit is inspired by tools like XNA, Dear ImGui, and Processing. It provides an extremely simple interface over graphics, physics, UI, and other functionality needed to make an MR application. You don't need a game engine to build an app, nor should you need to become a graphics programmer to get your models onto a headset. All you need is an easy way to build a UI, and design interactions, and StereoKit does just that. A single line of code can accomplish a pressable UI button, load a .gltf model, play a sound and plenty more!