Dr. Charles O’Brien

Adjunct Professor, University of Alabama - Huntsville

Dr. Chuck O'Brien has been the sole proprietor at Ceosol - a freelance contracting indie studio - for over 6 years. He also teaches game design, game scripting and project management at University of Alabama in Huntsville. One of the largest contract projects (the mPACT app) is a grant funded collaboration between the nursing, psychology, animation and game design, and kinesiology departments. Chuck's goal is to work on education and health based apps and/or to obtain a full time professor position in game design.


When many designers/developers think of gamification, they limit the scope to points and leaderboards. Gamification has a much broader definition related to the incentives for playing games. Some of the more extensive motivation factors include self determination, community, and education (e.g. wanting to learn more about a disease). The mPACT App aims to increase neural plasticity in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). MCI is one of the preliminary indicators for Dementia and Alzheimer's. We are developing the app to help slow the onset of these diseases. Using gamification in our app design will further encourage the users to continue with the training.