Danny Mak

3D Modeler/Sculptor, Funcom

Danny has an accumulative 7 years experience in commercials, films and games. He's created art for multiple titles across numerous platforms and game engines. With a strong background in traditional art, he's been able to adapt to many different styles in 3D. He's a life long student of art and hopes to take that passion into every project and team he's on. In recent years, some notable titles Danny has worked are Bioshock: The Collection & God of War. Danny Is currently a 3D Artist at Funcom where he's sculpting creatures and environment assets for Conan Exiles.


Things will be a little different this year as our portfolio critique area will consist of small groups of 4 together to go through each persons “best” piece from your portfolio and the pros will critique it in front of the group. This way you can see each other’s work and learn as you listen through each critique. The session will run for 30 minutes for each group. This part of the Career Lounge was so popular we added in more great industry professionals to help evaluate and elevate your portfolio.