Carmen Askerneese

Lead Designer, Electronic Arts

Carmen Askerneese is the Lead Designer and Writer on The Simpsons Tapped Out. He formerly worked as a System Designer on Madden and NBA Live Mobile. Carmen studied at UCF in the twelfth cohort of the graduate game development program, FIEA (Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy). During his time in graduate school, Carmen served as the Project Lead and Writer for a Story-Driven Adventure game, Child No More.

When he's not making games, Carmen also teaches Game Design workshops at Universities such as Texas Tech, Texas State, and the University of Texas.


Carmen will discuss the challenges and methods game writers use to convey character, conflict, and emotion in a mobile game. Mobile games often don't offer a long play session to establish rapport with characters and immerse players in the game world. This is part of the unique challenge that mobile game writers face.

Carmen will walk attendees through several steps and techniques to focus your narrative for a mobile market. He will speak about his experience writing for an indie PC title, Child No More, and how that differs from Writing for a licensed mobile project like the Simpsons Tapped Out.