Bob Ladrach

VR Consultant, Campaign VR
An experienced VR hardware and software developer. Most recently working as a consultant on VR Quest - an amazing software that puts powerful creation tools in the hands of students and educators with no programming required.


Virtual Reality permeates every corner of society, yet the tools necessary for creating content can be overwhelming. Most experiences are not appropriate for students in a learning environment and the software available to teachers is scarce. VR Quest started over 15 years ago as a way to put VR creation tools into the hands of educators and students. It has been upgraded and improved until now it is a flexible world-building tool that can be used by students to enhance their projects. It also complies with the STEAM curriculum and is being used in schools in New York and elsewhere. Hamilton Buhl, a national education hardware and software provider, has just signed on as a principal distributor for the software.

VR Quest is easy to use and requires no programming, yet it has advanced features such as character creation, terrain, and environment tools, multi-user, as well as cross-platform VR compatibility.

I will be showing several projects created with the software as well as walking through the creation of a project in a live demonstration.