Mike Erwin

Toolsmith for Gawain Industries

Mike started modeling with Blender in 2008 (after a few false starts) and has contributed as a developer since 2010. A few spans of this were full time, other times on nights and weekends as a FOSS hacker. Interwoven with Blender dev, he has worked on OpenGL drivers for the Mac, the art pipeline for an architectural VR startup, computational geometry at another startup, and Unreal Engine tools and pipeline at Epic Games.

Most recently, he co-founded Gawain Industries to bring Unreal Engine and Blender into one workflow. In other words, to make it easier for anyone to develop games using mostly free tools!

When not coding, Mike plays music and collects / restores / celebrates vintage computers. He favors Apple PowerMacs and Silicon Graphics, and has more Pentium IIIs than any reasonable person should.

Talk Description:

Building Tomorrow’s Art Workflow: Blender 2.8 + UE4
Game engines such as Unreal act as a central development hub, then your team brings their own specialized tools to complete the mix. For visual artists this includes both traditional materials and software such as Photoshop, Substance, Maya, 3ds Max or Blender. This talk shines a light on Blender, the free & open source 3D graphics software, and what roles it can serve in your game dev pipeline.

Learn how to create / modify 3D assets in Blender and bring them into UE4. Get an overview of modeling, animation, texture baking, materials, and file formats for asset exchange. We will cover the current state of tooling and reveal what is coming in 2019 and beyond.

The upcoming Blender 2.8 release is going to be massive for interactive real-time graphics. It brings UI/UX improvements, better scene data management, and of course the new Eevee 3D viewport. This is the perfect time for game developers to take another look at Blender for their future projects.