Josh Delson

Operations Specialist for Electronic Arts (EA)

Josh Delson is an Operations Specialist at Electronic Arts (EA) behind Pasadena’s big game jam, Rose Valley Jam. Outside of his work he founded the Junior Development Experience (JDE), is Instructor of Game Design at College of DuPage, and is a board member of IGDA Chicago. His goal as developer/mentor is to promote/inspire the future developers in the Midwest. With that, Josh is the Program Director of the National Student Leadership Conference (NSLC) where he helps incoming undergraduates learn/determine what degrees they would like to pursue in the future. In his free time he does independent games and alternative controller experimentation.

Talk Description:

I Did A Game Jam. What Next?
Game jams are a tremendous way to experiment, scope, and make meaningful ideas tangible as a developer. Some people underestimate its significance, but its an incredible way to grow as an individual in the long run. Whether its a slow jam by Extra Credits during the holiday season or a half hour Flash Jam at IndieCade, this talk will cover major takeaways in facilitating/participating in over 25 unique game jams and ways to pursue the projects afterward.