Jeremy Bregermann

Luna Wolf Studios

Jeremy Bregermann began his career making board and tabletop games at Damocles Thread Development. He became a QA tester for Exalt Games. He then co-founded an independent game development company called Luna Wolf Studios. He went on to design, develop and release games including Haberdashery, Turbo Hobo Cannon and Save Samia. Recently, he has developed educational games for Legends of Learning as well as games that assist in physical therapy rehabilitation using the mTrigger!

Talk Description:

Going Off On Your Own: The joys and perils of Indie Game Development
(Speaking with Sean Weiland)

Come listen to Jeremy Bregermann of Luna Wolf Studios talk about his experiences as co-founder of an independent game development studio. If you’ve ever wanted to start a company, make a game, be a freelancer, or learn about the game industry, then now’s your chance! He will give you the inside scoop on the joys and perils of a startup in the indie game industry. You’ll hear about the good times and bad. The roadblocks we hit, and how we got around them. You’ll learn about building a portfolio, growing a network, and finding clients. My goal is to have you leaving with countless amounts of knowledge to jump-start your entrepreneurial spirit!