ECGC 2020

Indie Prize

Win big with ECGC’s Indie Prize

Applications must be submitted by March 28, 2020.

All games must be presented at ECGC for in person judging and must be in a playable form with a miniumum of 15 minutes of gameplay. To get your indie spot at ECGC be part of a school team that is exhibiting at ECGC or select Indie Alley on our form at: ECGC Exhibitor Registration

Independent qualification / status:
1. Company is independent with the majority owned by the team. Team has sold less than 50% of the company to outside investors.
2. At least 50% of the submitted game IP must be owned by the development team
3. Applicants MUST be able to attend Indie Prize Europe 2020
4. For ECGC applicants you must have a booth or be part of a team from a school who has a booth at ECGC and ready to be judged on April 9th.

In addition to getting a chance at the Indie Prize in London, ECGC will also be giving the first place winner $1000, second place $500 and third place $200.

ECGC’s 2018 Indie Prize Winner

East Coast Game Conference 2018 Casual Connect Indie Prize winner, Upside Down Bird was awarded Best in Show Audience Choice Award at the Casual Connect Europe for Super Gravity Ball.

Charlotte, NC’s Upside Down Bird beat out 100 finalists, from 62 countries to take home the coveted prize. Founded by David Dempsey, Ben Hamrick, Louis Cabanillas and Mike Murray, the company’s goal is to get published so they can continue making bizarre and creative games. In addition to its award winning Steam title, Super Gravity Ball™, Upside Down Bird has other two mobile titles, Galactic Junk™ and Gravity Ball™.

Inspired Indie developers should mark their calendars and plan to show their games at East Coast Game Conference. April 16-18, 2019 at the Raleigh Convention Center. Casual Connect Serbia and Casual Connect Asia are scheduled for September and November 2018.

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