Hunter Moore

CEO of Athena's Compass

Hunter Moore’s technology commercialization skills, technical expertise, and instructional experience make him the ideal person to lead Athena’s Compass. Athena’s Compass is a National Science Foundation Small Business Innovation Research award winning company that has build a game shown to teach 8-18 year olds high school chemistry (with over 99.99% confidence) at a rate they would learn all of North Carolina’s curriculum in less than 16 hours and over 85% (91% females) liked or loved the experience. We have partnered with the entire State of North Carolina, UNC, NCSU, and ECU. Some of his commercialization experience includes envisioning, designing, leading the development of, and selling software systems to large corporate institutions for IBM, and developing R&D strategies that leverage existing core technologies and competitive advantages to gain market share and enter new markets for multiple venture backed technology startups at Idea Fund Partners. He has strong experience researching and applying the subject matter; some examples include Chem-Lab-on-a-Chip technologies at Georgia Institute of Technology, thermal atomic force microscopy at Sandia National Laboratories, and high velocity oxygen fuel thermal spray coatings jet engines at Pratt and Whitney. He has instructional experience from the 3rd grade to graduate level. Some examples include being a teaching assistant for 7 undergraduate engineering courses and 3 graduate business courses, helping to develop a graduate level technology commercialization course, and tutoring for high school math and science. He has a BS & MS in mechanical engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology and masters in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Talk Description:

How to fund your game and make your company profitable

I will talk about how to fund your game through grants, pitch competitions, angle investment, and venture capital from my experience on both sides of the table.
I will share some lessons learned and helpful advice on growing a game company to profitability.
I will open the floor up to questions to see how I can help the audience through sharing my experiences.