Juried Game Art Contest
For Conference Attendees

About the Contest

East Coast Game Conference provides a juried opportunity for both students and professionals to have their work viewed by game development professionals around the country. There are separate student and professional categories with sub-categories of 2D, 3D and photogrammetry. And there's also a people’s choice award!

Winners are announced on the afternoon of the last conference day. People's Choice Student and Professional winners receive a VIP pass ($499 value) for the next year's conference. Winners from the juried categories receive Conference Passes ($199 value).

Rules and Guidelines

Art submissions must consist of any type of original video game related art with subjects such as environments, characters, and objects/props. No fan art is allowed.  Content must be tasteful and non-offensive (appropriate for a teen-rated game). Contest officials reserve the right to make the initial selection of works for display.

  • must be a conference attendee
  • submit a .png file
  • file size is limited to 25mb
  • recommended size is 1920 x 1080 but not required
  • no text allowed on image such as artist’s name or title of the work
  • submit a brief one-paragraph description of the artwork with the title
  • filename is your last name and first initial. Ex: Smith-B.png
  • hand drawn work must be scanned and saved as a .png
  • 3d and photogrammetry work must be submitted as a Sketchfab link

Submission Deadline:  April 13, 2023.

Max 1000 characters.

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2D, 3D, and Photogrammetry

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