Congratulations to the 2023 Contest Winners!

Check out all the entries on our 2023 gallery page.

Congratulations to Christian Hsieh and Amber Johnson for winning the People's Choice 2023. They will receive a VIP pass to ECGC 2024.

Congratulations to the following winners of the ECGC Game Art Contest 2023

  • 2D Game Art Student: Chromalure-Genetic Summoner by Yonghao Li
  • 2D Game Art Professional: Boxer Character Variations by Alex Rodriguez
  • 3D Game Art Student: Doll House in Case by Olha Vasylchenko
  • 3D Game Art Professional: Tara, Concept Character by Alec Ziskind
  • Photogrammetry Student: Colorful Giraffe by Olha Vasylchenko
  • Photogrammetry Professional: North Carolina Nature Still Life by Amber Johnson

The winners of the 2d, 3d and photogrammetry in the student and professional categories will receive conference passes to ECGC 2024.

Thank you to all those who submitted their artwork to the 2023 ECGC Game Art Contest. We received lots of amazing entries from attendees and appreciate all your hard work. Many people don’t realize the time and effort that go into creating a work of art. We recognize that effort and commitment, and appreciate you sharing your art with the conference.

Also, specific thanks to:

  • Brad Swearingen for chairing the annual competition
  • Emily Compton and Marx Myth for judging this year’s entries
  • All the attendees who voted in the People’s Choice Award!

We're pleased to announce there will be a 2024 ECGC Game Art Contest. Look for the rules and application starting in January 2024. Until then, have a great summer!

People's Choice Best in Show

Christian Hsieh, Student

Violet Steele Caught

Violet Steele caught, taken down, and electrocuted by an enemy robot. Violet Steele is the protagonist of a project I am the artist for. In this submission, the characters have been 3D modeled, rigged, and animated, which is all my work.

Amber Johnson, Professional

North Carolina Nature Still Life

A still life of an artist’s collection of forest artifacts. All the items in the collection are from North Carolina.

Student Winners

2D Game Art - Student 7

Yonghao Li, 2D

Chromalure-Genetic Summone

For this project I reimaged how a summoner would fit in a sci-fi environment. Delilah was a brilliant researcher who was selected to be evicted from a research facility due to limited resources. In order to survive, she used her knowledge of DNA science to manipulate her own genes and adapt to the toxic environment. However, her extremities were eroded by the toxins, leading her to replace her hand with a regenerable synthetic one. While on the planet, Delilah discovered a mutated vine and began to study its genetic makeup and its invasive nature. Using her expertise in genetics, she was able to create a device that allows her to summon and control creatures by shooting out her hand made from synthetic genetic gel. This device gave her the ability to siphon on other life forces to prolong her own.

Olha Vasylchenko, 3D

Doll House in Case

An old case transformed into a two-store doll house, inspired by real-life doll houses. Some were carried in cases, some were not, but all could tell their original story. Every little asset was created to be played with so I wanted to create my doll house in a way that any game designer would want to play with its contents! The model was created as a final project (diorama) for the 3D modeling class I took last year.

Olha Vasylchenko, Photogrammetry

Colorful Giraffe

Counting Sweets is a robot made out of candy and worn-out metal. He currently owns his own candy shop that moves from town to town. Many individuals who buy candy from his shop notice that he is the only thing working there.

Professional Winners

2D Game Art - Professional 5

Alex Rodriguez, 2D

Boxer Character Variations

A cyberpunk-inspired boxer with a street/Caribbean-inspired style.

See more at

Alec Ziskind, 3D

Tara, Concept Character

The original design for this character was done some years ago by Weerawan Mapithak. I just happened to find it when looking at fan designs and loved it. I did some interpreting on the less clearly defined elements of the concept, and added some texture to the materials.

Amber Johnson, Photogrammetry

North Carolina Nature Still Life

A still life of an artist’s collection of forest artifacts. All the items in the collection are from North Carolina.

Juried Game Art Contest
For Conference Attendees

About the Contest

East Coast Game Conference provides a juried opportunity for both students and professionals to have their work viewed by game development professionals around the country. There are separate student and professional categories with sub-categories of 2D, 3D and photogrammetry. And there's also a people’s choice award!

Winners are announced on the afternoon of the last conference day. People's Choice Student and Professional winners receive a VIP pass ($499 value) for the next year's conference. Winners from the juried categories receive Conference Passes ($199 value).

Rules and Guidelines

Art submissions must consist of any type of original video game related art with subjects such as environments, characters, and objects/props. No fan art is allowed.  Content must be tasteful and non-offensive (appropriate for a teen-rated game). Contest officials reserve the right to make the initial selection of works for display.

  • must be a conference attendee
  • submit a .png file
  • file size is limited to 25mb
  • recommended size is 1920 x 1080 but not required
  • no text allowed on image such as artist’s name or title of the work
  • submit a brief one-paragraph description of the artwork with the title
  • filename is your last name and first initial. Ex: Smith-B.png
  • hand drawn work must be scanned and saved as a .png
  • 3d and photogrammetry work must be submitted as a Sketchfab link

Submission Deadline:  April TBD, 2024.


2D, 3D, and Photogrammetry.