Juried Game Art Contest
for conference attendees

Students and professionals - have your work viewed by other game development professionals around the country.

Welcome to the 2022 ECGC Game Art Contest!

Last year (2021) we expanded and made some exciting changes:

  • the contest was open to all ECGC attendees
  • we included a new sub-category for professionals
  • 2D art went digital, and we added 3D art and photogrammetry!

We also changed to a juried format.

Committee member Brad Swearingen - and the entire ECGC Core team - would like to give a very special thanks to our prestigious 2021 jurors:

  • Marc Russo, Associate Professor of Art + Design at NC State University
  • Dwayne Martin, Animator at Epic Games
  • Emily Compton, Art Director at Windy Games
  • Marx Myth, Professor of Art/Design at Living Arts College

With a variety of different backgrounds, experience, and expertise - their dedication to sort through dozens of entries and select the work you see below was awesome. We so appreciate the time you give in support of our artistic community. Thank you!

Also, a big shout-out to EVERY artist who submitted artwork. Even if you didn't make the final selection below, we want you to know how much we appreciate your contributions. You are AMAZING!

About the Contest

East Coast Game Conference is providing an opportunity for both students and professionals to have their work viewed by game development professionals around the country.

Nominees will have artwork juried by industry professionals ... and ... there will also be a people’s choice award! There are separate student and professional categories with sub-categories of 2D, 3D and photogrammetry.

Top-tier winners will be presented with a prize; student and professional contest winners will each receive an ECGC 2023 VIP pass ($499 value).

Rules and Guidelines

Art submissions must consist of any type of original video game related art with subjects such as environments, characters, and objects/props. No fan art will be allowed.  Content must be tasteful and non-offensive (appropriate for a teen-rated game). Contest officials reserve the right to make the initial selection of works for display.

  • must be a conference attendee
  • submit a .png file
  • file size is limited to 25mb
  • recommended size is 1920 x 1080 but not required
  • no text allowed on image such as artist’s name or title of the work
  • submit a brief one-paragraph description of the artwork with the title
  • filename is your last name and first initial. Ex: Smith-B.png
  • hand drawn work must be scanned and saved as a .png
  • 3d and photogrammetry work must be submitted as a Sketchfab link

Submission Deadline:  Noon, Wednesday, April 14 2022.

Max 1000 characters.

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