David Nadaski

Chief Tyrannosaurus Rex for Glass Beaver Studios

I’m an indie game developer working on my first title HORU, a real-time strategy game similar in mechanics to Star Wars: Empire at War with the added twist that players build the battlefields themselves.

I have been a software developer most of my life making distributed, parallel systems, language recognition AI, back-end business logic, etc. and have also spent 5 years as project manager.
I’ve started working on my strategy game in March 2017 sort of as a birthday present to myself and have not looked back ever since. I’ve gone full-time solo indie game dev in September 2017.

Talk Description:

Real-Time Dynamic Cover System for Unreal Engine 4

How to create a robust cover system in Unreal Engine 4 that updates itself in real-time, responds to dynamic changes in the environment, uses multi-threading to parallelize computation and efficient data structures for the storage of spatial data. Works with any kind of game.

Based on my original article at https://medium.freecodecamp.org/real-time-dynamic-cover-system-in-unreal-engine-4-eddb554eaefb

Talk length:
20-30 minutes with Q&A

Accompanying resources:
Downloadable demo project with full source code.

Key Points:
– Why make a cover system
– Generating data – two avenues: navmesh edge-walking and 3D object scanning
– Data persistence: the octree
– Error-handling
– Multi-threaded, asynchronous cover generation
– Real-time dynamic updates via Recast events
– Finding & assessing cover positions at run-time: best point selection, projection of unit positions
– Custom collision setup
– AI integration via behavior tree
– Profiling & run-time stats