Critiques & Round Tables

One of the most popular events at the East Coast Game Conference returns!

Helpful career advice from leading industry experts.

New speakers & sessions will be added up to the conference start.

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How often do you get the chance to level-up your portfolio based on feedback from great industry professionals? Not often.

For 2022 the Career Lounge will again feature our always-popular, portfolio critiques. During each 30 minute session a group of career pros will review four portfolios in front of the group (sign-up is first come, first serve each day of the event).



While portfolio critiques are focused on a specific topic - your portfolio, round tables are casual (bean bag chairs and cubes!) general discussions with industry experts.

Round tables give attendees the opportunity to ask more questions, so you’ll get a good understanding of the industry. They’ll talk on how they got into the industry, tips & tricks, developing a marketable portfolio, and things not to do!

All ECGC attendees will have both the chance to ask top-of-mind questions - and to hear industry professionals discuss tips & tricks, how to develop a marketable portfolio, and things not to do for a successful career! And don't worry, round table sessions will be held at times different from the critique sessions.

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