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One of the most popular events at the East Coast Game Conference returns!

Helpful career advice from leading industry experts.

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How often do you get the chance to level-up your portfolio based on feedback from great industry professionals? Not often.

The Career Lounge will again feature our always-popular, portfolio critiques. During each 45 minute session a group of career pros will review four portfolios in front of the group (sign-up is first come, first serve each day of the event).



While portfolio critiques are focused on a specific topic - your portfolio, round tables are casual (bean bag chairs and cubes!) general discussions with industry experts.

Round tables give attendees the opportunity to ask more questions, so you’ll get a good understanding of the industry. They’ll talk on how they got into the industry, tips & tricks, developing a marketable portfolio, and things not to do!

All ECGC attendees will have both the chance to ask top-of-mind questions - and to hear industry professionals discuss tips & tricks, how to develop a marketable portfolio, and things not to do for a successful career! And don't worry, round table sessions will be held at times different from the critique sessions.

Ryan Grady - 2023 ECGC speaker

Ryan Grady

Ryan E. Grady is an Illustrator and Concept Artist based in Raleigh, NC. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art at Appalachian State University and her Master of Art + Design from NC State University. She is …

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Ryan Hoss - 2023 ECGC speaker

Ryan Hoss

Ryan Hoss joined the game industry in 2011 and is currently a Senior VFX Artist at Volition, where he has shipped titles such as Saints Row (2022) and Agents of Mayhem. Prior to Volition, Ryan worked for Vicious Cycle …

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Nick Georgopoulos - 2023 ECGC speaker

Nick Georgopoulos

Nick Georgopoulos joined the game industry in 2006 at Atomic Games and is currently an Art Director at Firaxis Games a 2k Studio, Prior to Firaxis, Nick worked for Red Storm Entertainment a Ubisoft …

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Chris Devens - 2023 ECGC speaker

Chris Devens

Chris has been at Insomniac Games for the last 10 years. The first 8 years were spent as an environment artist and he has been a tech artist for the last 2. During his time at Insomniac, Chris has shipped many …

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Jay Powell - 2023 ECGC speaker

Jay Powell

Jay has successfully negotiated and closed countless deals for licensing, development and distribution over the past 20 years. His consulting firm, The Powell Group, focuses on building positive relationships between …

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Brandon Crews - 2023 ECGC speaker

Brandon Crews

Brandon is an assistant professor of Simulation and Game Design at William Peace University and a technical animator who focuses on 3D character rigging, animation and motion capture for video games and entertainment media.

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Tim Shumaker - 2023 ECGC speaker

Tim Shumaker

Tim started as a freelance artist working on a variety of projects before taking the plunge and moving full time to studio work. Previously at Activision, then Zenimax, Tim is now at Bungie helping to create new and …

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David Schultz - 2023 ECGC speaker

David Schultz

I first learned digital art in 2004 as an Intern at a small studio in Asheville, NC. I worked for a few years as a freelance artist and in various non art-related jobs, before joining the video game industry. I have now been …

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Jacob Sutton - 2023 ECGC speaker

Jacob Sutton

Jacob is a co-founder of Infuse Studio, a game development company. He specializes in environment art, level design, and rendering optimization, and has experience in all aspects of game production. With a Bachelor’s …

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